The Couple That Fights Every Night By: Carl The Muse


March 1, 2013 by Who a man is defined not by wealth and not by's in how he lives out the days of his life.


A storm rages when I walk through the door 

Shes standing there daring me and ready

Like she has been waiting for more

And before I know It

I feel a rush to my core

And just like the last time

We end up rolling around on the floor

We go so hard

That we both end up sore

And even when we are both worn out

We go in for more

We end up this way every single night

Biting our teeth and waiting for the kids to say goodnight

I can see it in your eyes

You are just waiting to start another fight

And I am ready for the bell to sound

Because as soon as it does

I will turn over the ground

When I finished you will know

This field has been plowed

I guess that is why we seem to garner a crowd

Either that or we get to loud

Either way word has spread about this town

Now everyone is curious

They think something rotten is going down

They all heard the loud slapping and the crying at night

And now they are here to catch us

Right in the middle of a fight

And I won’t disappoint

I plan on out doing myself tonight

I just hope there are no kids around

These images are not for their eyes

Nor are the accompanying sounds

The Way We Work It Out, In My House By: Carl The Muse








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